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Riding Lessons

Minimum age for riding lessons is 5 years old

Horse Handling / Coordination

Rider on Horseback Vector

Riders can develop and enhance their reflexes, balance, and coordination. The entire body will increase in fitness with regular horseback riding.

Physical and Mental Enrichment

Build self-confidence and physical core strength. Outdoor riding can help bring you closer to nature which has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety.

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Understand Horses

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Horses are intelligent and emotional creatures. They can sense what you're feeling and react to it. Learn about horses and how to be in tune with them.

Bethany Maidon hugging a horse
Bethany Maidon riding a horse

Riding Lessons with Bethany

Bethany's unwavering commitment to her students, her love for horses, and her dedication to the equestrian community make her a true asset to Elk Mountain Riding Company. With her infectious enthusiasm and expert guidance, Bethany continues to inspire countless riders to embark on a lifelong journey of discovery, connection, and passion for the art of horse riding.

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