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A First Generation Business

In 2010, Robin, a lifelong equestrian enthusiast, founded Elk Mountain Riding Company with the goal of sharing her passion for horses and nature with others.


Growing up in the Western North Carolina area, Robin has always been captivated by the region's rich landscapes and the powerful bond between horses and humans. Her dream to build a riding company that celebrates this connection has come to life in Elk Mountain Riding Company. 


Over the years Robin has grown her small two-stable barn and six-horse operation into a full-fledged riding company with a 6 stable barn, 23 horses, and over 150 acres of rideable trails.  

Robin Ollis riding a horse and draggin a tree at Elk Mountain
EMRC Horses Field


Gentle and Good Natured

At Elk Mountain Riding Company, we take great pride in our meticulously cared-for herd of horses. Each member of our equine family is handpicked for their temperament, health, and ability to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for our guests.


Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to ensuring the best possible match between rider and horse, taking into consideration individual experience and comfort levels.

Mama Horse and baby horse
Trail Dogs Relaxing after a hard days work


Your Very Best Friends

Our trail dogs are an integral part of our team, providing companionship and assistance during your unforgettable horseback riding experience. When not on the trails, our trail dogs love to socialize with guests, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Their unwavering loyalty and enthusiasm make them the perfect companions for your next equestrian adventure.

Trail Dog Ella on a Horse's Back
Gray and tabby barn cat kittens at EMRC barn


Keeping the Barn Pest Free

Our barn cats play an essential role in maintaining a clean and healthy environment. These feline guardians patrol the barn and surrounding areas, expertly hunting and controlling vermin.


Their charm and friendly nature make them a delightful presence for guests and staff alike, adding an extra layer to the barn family.

Barn cat mama and kittens at EMRC
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